146 Collateral Beauty painting by Canadian artist Jeff Dillon

#146 – Collateral Beauty …Kristyn H

I have followed Jeff’s work for several years and love how his paintings remind me of the work of the Group of Seven. I dreamed of having an original piece one day – but it wasn’t really in my student budget at the time. Being a lifelong animal lover I was amazed at the depth of feeling he could convey through his work for both wild and domestic creatures. Fast forward a few years after school was finished and I started keeping bettas as a hobby. My very first fish looked almost identical to the one portrayed in ‘Collateral Beauty’ – so it was meant to be! The painting is even more striking in person and brings me joy every time I look at it. Living nearby I was fortunate enough to meet Jeff when I picked up the painting in person. I am still an avid follower of his work and hope to expand my collection someday.

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