178 Diamond Pine p

#178 – Diamond Pine …Don and Georgina

Your piece was a retirement gift for my wife. We both love the Group of Seven, plus Emily Carr,  and how their works create a spiritual reverence regarding nature.

Your work is ‘Group of Seven “esque” ‘ in that it creates the same rhythms, movements and feelings, but has created its own unique style.  You don’t duplicate their style, you’ve gone beyond and created your own style while capturing the same feelings.

#178 Diamond Pine reminds us of the Big Rideau Lake, where we have our cottage.  Canadian Shield, white pines, water.  We absolutely love the rich colours you use (browns, greens, blues) and the movement you create in the clouds and trees.  Your rock seems to reflect an aboriginal feeling due to the ovoid shapes you use to create them. All the things we hold so dear in our hearts. Thanks for your skills, Don and Georgina P.

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