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#70 – Quiet Destination… Amanda, Waterloo, Ontario

Art is beauty in the eye of the beholder and speaks to your soul. Your work Jeff is about travel, the outdoors in colours I love. I liked this painting for that reason. My son loved this painting and I thought I would share this. The up close photo I took shows its true beauty, vibrant colours and peaceful nature. My son wanted it, and chose to hang it in his room. What I see as a messy sparse room with a beautiful painting he hung too high – he sees as part of his living room, beautiful just the way it is. Isn’t that art in itself?‎ 🙂

Hence the unusual location is just part of the story from one young man to a younger one and I just love the art, the story of both of you. Thank you for making the world a better place by sharing all of your gifts.I am grateful, I love art, writing, music – all arts with no talent myself. I am in awe of those who were fortunate enough to receive these gifts.

Amanda, Waterloo, Ontario
Jeff Dillon Fine Art

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