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#8 Shades of Green… Christine, Waterloo, Ontario

#8 Shades of Green –
For me, paintings are like special pebbles that you patiently pick from the shores of life. Each is filled with treasured memories. The walls of my home are filled with these beautiful ‘pebbles’, each a talisman keeping ‘home’ safe and sound. Like the curious child, I only know what ‘pebble’ I’m looking for when I see it, and then it becomes ‘my precious’.

I visited a hot, dry sunny place not long ago and half way through the trip realized I need green rolling hills. This piece evokes my sense of place, a childhood spent on Rodborough Common and Robinswood Hill. No matter where I am or what life I live, this will always be my eternal home.
Christine, Waterloo, Ontario
Jeff Dillon Fine Art

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