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Art as Inspiration…Penny, Waterloo (#26 – Enchanted Forest 2)

Art as Inspiration
I’m not much of a spender (running shoes, coffee and chocolate being the exception), and I tend to rely on memories, not possessions, as a source of personal inspiration.

I believe art plays an interesting role in this regard, by crossing the divide to bring physical rebirth to our memories. Photographs ground us firmly in reality. Art, on the other hand, allows the mind to play with reality – to invoke, visualize and feel memories in a less tangible but far more meaningful way.

Back to me not being much of a spender. That’s why it’s so surprising that I walked into my favourite hair salon a few weeks ago (to rid myself of the stark reality of grey hair that I refuse to let become my artistic reality – yet another exception to my spending rule), spied an incredible landscape painting on the wall in the reception area and immediately thought to myself, “I want that.” Looking back now, I actually think it was more of a need than a want.

I eventually mentioned my interest in the paining out loud, upon which the salon owner proceeded to hand me the business card of local artist, Jeff Dillon. The reverse side of the business card depicted another of Jeff’s works, and once again I found myself thinking, “I want that.”

I went home, contacted Jeff, and a few days later both paintings were hanging in my home. What sold me on them in the end was not only the feelings they inspired in me, but also the inspiration behind Jeff painting them in the first place, which he revealed during our initial email contact and during our discussion when he delivered the paintings to my home.

I’ve got a lot of old memories pent up in these wonderful pieces, despite having only owned them a few weeks.

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