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“The Artist Condition” by Jeff Dillon

Some of my thoughts to try and articulate my feelings on, “The Artist Condition” as I see it while I spend time painting…Be kind my wordy friends.

Hours every day, each day, rolling into months and then years. Cramping, exhaustion, isolation with a determination, pushing against the bodies signals to rest, eat, sleep… all to satisfy the need to convey, through art, an emotional feeling from any subject around, in a way that only reality can present. Not the scene itself, but the emotion the artist gets from it. The artist conveys in their “language”, always striving to convey in the way it feels, but never fully achieving this feeling but satisfied within the struggle and in the triumphs of each piece. Not everyone gets the message from within the piece, but it doesn’t stop the artist from wanting and trying to convey it. An artist body of work over his or her lifetime is a testimony and measurement of so many things pushed aside or given up for this innate need.
Jeff Dillon
September 6, 2017 at 8:42pm

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