Pricing & Details:  A original painting cost will include the cost of the painting by size, plus shipping and tax.  The deposit of 50% will be due before the start of the commission. All my work is sold by size (see my website for examples originals). Once we agree on all the details of the commission and the terms, you will receive a PayPal invoice by email.

Terms: Once the 50% deposit payment is received, I start working on the commission. Once the final 50% balance is paid, the painting is shipped to the specified address. For any reason, if you decide to not go ahead with the finished art piece after the initial 50% deposit payment, I keep the deposit and the painting. Once final payment has been made and the painting is shipped: there are no returns, refunds or exchanges on original art commissions.

For more information please contact me.


Delivery of your Original Paintings:

  • All original paintings will be carefully packaged and shipped in a wooden crate of ultimate protection.
  • Shipping of your original paintings always requires a signature otherwise the couriers would leave the paintings at the door.
  • After you have completedCommission Pricing Quote I will provide you with an shipping price
  • All shipments come with a tracking number.
  • Orders typically are shipped within 2 weeks and shipping time will depend on the destination (local vs international).
  • Choosing the courier will depend on the size of the painting, final destination, the timing and the price. I use a professional shipping company with many years of experience and have not damaged a single original painting in shipping worldwide.
  • All original paintings will be carefully packaged and shipped in a wooden crate of ultimate protection.
To receive an accurate Commission Pricing Quote, please fill out this form. Please note that all quotes will expire within 30 days of filling out this application.

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    **Free shipping for original paintings shipped within the Canada.  Applicable taxes are not included. 

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