Jeff Dillon Fine Art 2019

Testimonials… Thank you Everyone for you kind words

Jeff Dillon Fine Art:

  • I was fortunate to acquire a beautiful work of art by Jeff…..”Winding River’s Edge”. I have been following Jeff’s art for a while, but when I saw that painting on Facebook, it “spoke” to me. I wasn’t disappointed when I received it! It was like bringing a window of fall air into my home. Each time I walk by it continues to bring me joy. Thank you Jeff!
  • Cheryl M – Jeff Dillon Fine Art makes me feel like I am looking at a modern Group of Seven. I could look at his work all day long, he inspires creativity and calm at the same time. Thank you for doing this work.
  • Adrianne C – Jeff, I just love your work. Love, love, love it!
  • Robert W – This is simply beautiful
  • Maxine A – love, love your painting!!!
  • Willow C. – Gorgeous!! I hope one day to have one of your paintings on my wall!! Choosing would be the hard part u are so talented.
  • Catharina M – Awesome painting! Your current paintings are so unique and beautiful!
  • Maxine A – a beautiful piece of art.
  • Kelly S – You intrigue me every time.
  • Marlene O’D. – One of my favourite s that you have ever done. Love it.
  • Pam D – Lovely title and pic. The light on the branches is lovely.
  • Christel W – Beautiful, and I love the vibrant colours.
  • Debbie R – Amazing love the colours
  • Margo B – You are an extremely gifted artist – just gorgeous.
  • Maxine A – what a wonderful exhibit – I’d be so happy to see these in person. I love your work Jeff, and , for now, I will be content with your calendar. It is hung near my pantry in the kitchen so I stop and enjoy “January” every time I go near it!
  • Marylin O – Your work amazes me and always feels ‘fresh’.
  • Windy H – I absolutely love your style!
  • Barb R – I Saw your feature in Grand magazine. Keep up the amazing work
  • Rodger B – Magnificent Jeff.
  • Steven W – Fantastic Jeff! Well done
  • Pamela D – I reserve right of first refusal! :-)))
  • Willow C – All of these are so beautiful
  • Joyce V – Wonderful.
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