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#44 “Waking Morning Light”… By Hannah in Bath, England

#44 “Waking Morning Light”… By Hannah in Bath, England (Jeff Dillon Fine Art)

Unusually, I just happened to spot (and take notice of!) a post that Facebook had decided I needed to see about Jeff’s artwork a couple of years ago. I can’t remember how it came about, but I do remember then clicking through to the website and loving the amazing colours of all of the pieces in the gallery.
Waking Morning Light particularly caught my eye as actually before I saw the name of the painting I paused over it and wondered whether it was depicting dawn or dusk. I just loved the warmth and depth of the colours.
I really enjoy being out in nature and there is always a stillness at dawn, a quiet time before the birds start singing, and I think this painting captures that beautifully. It is one of those paintings you can stare at endlessly, it makes you stop and take a moment.
After getting in contact with Jeff we set about getting the piece over to Bath, UK for me, and we worked very well together to get it safely couriered over.
I couldn’t wait to see it and have it hung up in our home and now it hangs on the bedroom wall facing the foot of our bed, so each morning it is the first thing I see.
By Hannah in Bath, England
Jeff Dillon Fine Art

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