#115 – Spiritual Messenger

Original Work By Jeff Dillon

A cardinal sits perched amongst the woody branches of a tree as if ready for flight. It’s dark stone eye, and head cocked toward the viewer as if listening for a message.There is an energy to this painting in the bold carnelian red of the feathers, contrasted against the twisted branch and pale sky hinted at in the background of this piece. Did you know that the word cardinal comes from the Latin word cardio, which means like a hinge? Perhaps this is why people believe cardinals are messengers from beyond, traveling back and forth between the earth and the spirit world.

Original Size: 12” x 12″

  • Original completed August 2017
  • Free shipping for original paintings shipped within Canada.
  • Search words: Bird, Cardinal, Red, Brown, Trees, feather, perch


C$700 HST