The Definitive Guide to Picking the Perfect Size of Art for Your Room

By Jeff Dillon | October 14, 2023 | All Posts

#263 – Moments of Stillness, Fine Art Limited Edition Prints By Jeff Dillon

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that something just wasn’t quite right? As if there was a visual imbalance that you couldn’t put your finger on? Well, more often than not, that unsettling feeling stems from the size of the artwork adorning the walls. It’s a common pitfall – selecting art pieces that don’t harmoniously fit with the surrounding space. If you’ve been down this road, don’t worry! With this guide, you’ll become adept at choosing the ideal art size for any room.

1. Harmonizing Art with Furniture: A Thumb Rule to Remember

If you’re considering placing an artwork above a piece of furniture, there’s a simple rule of thumb to ensure it looks just right. Ideally, the artwork should cover roughly two-thirds (or 67%) of the furniture’s width, establishing a proportional relationship between the two.

To get this right:

  • Determine the width: Simply measure the furniture’s width and multiply by 0.67. This gives you the optimal width for the art piece.
  • Find the right length: Similarly, take the furniture’s length, multiply it by 0.67, and voila – you have the desired length for your artwork.

Following this proportion not only ensures that your chosen art complements the furniture but also creates a pleasing visual experience for the viewer.

#263 – Moments of Stillness, Fine Art Limited Edition Prints By Jeff Dillon

2. Dominating an Empty Wall: Hitting the Balance

When you’re dealing with an expansive, empty wall, the artwork needs to own its space, creating a focal point for the room. But how do you strike the right balance?

  • Deciding the width: Take the wall’s width and multiply by 0.6 – this gives you the minimum size the artwork should be. For the maximum size, multiply the width by 0.75.
  • Settling on the length: Apply the same logic to the wall’s length.

By ensuring your artwork covers anywhere from 60% to 75% of the wall, you make certain it doesn’t shrink away or overpower the space. The artwork then feels like a natural extension of the room rather than an awkward addition.

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Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, art can significantly change a room by adding character, color, and atmosphere. The size of the artwork plays a crucial role in maintaining the room’s overall appearance. Therefore, when you go to buy art, remember these important guidelines.

Here’s to creating stunning, harmonious spaces. Happy decorating!

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