#124 – The Visitor

Original Work By Jeff Dillon

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to cross paths with a red fox, you’re unlikely to forget it. The largest member of the Vulpes genus has a bright orange coat, combined with the shock of white at the tip of the bushy tail reveal the skill and swiftness of these beautiful beings, for their sightings are still rare. Foxes were once almost hunted to extinction in many places. There are twelve species of true fox in the world and many are still hunted for their fur. Here we see a red fox nestled at the edge of an evergreen forest. The artist has captured its curious gaze and even restful stance as it observes its surroundings.

Original Size: 40” x 30″

  • Original completed April 2018
  • Free shipping for original paintings shipped within Canada.
  • Search words: Fox, Forest, Green, Orange, Red, Evergreen


C$3,500 HST