#152 – Angels Alongside Our Path

Original Work By Jeff Dillon

Many cultures believe in the inherently spiritual nature of birds. Perhaps it’s because they alone own the sky. There are over 426 bird species in Canada. Here, we have the image of a Blue Jay captured on canvas. Often considered the bully of the bird feeder for their assertive defending of their territory, they are also known for their raucous calls and bright blue plumage. The artist has managed to capture both the alert gaze of the Bird Jay, and the mosaic of white and blue in its feathers. A favourite subject of this artist, the Blue Jay represents the spirit of his father.

Original Size: 36” x 24″

  • Original completed January 2019
  • Free shipping for original paintings shipped within Canada.
  • Search words: Bird, Bluejay, Brown, Blue, Red, Branch, Tree


C$2,900 HST