#155 – Patience

Original Work By Jeff Dillon

Who among us hasn’t been startled by the sight of a bird or prey in the wild? Hawks are particularly good hunters and with some patience and their keen eyesight can easily spy prey scurrying across a farm field. The interesting combination of blues, mauve, and cream lend a serenity to the image. Yet, it’s in the fierce gaze of those yellow eyes that we know this is a bird keen to hunt. This painter is a natural at capturing the particular beauty of each bird he paints.

Original Size: 20” x 20″

  • Original completed April 2019
  • Free shipping for original paintings shipped within Canada.
  • Search words: Hawk, Bird, Animal, Grey, Eyes, Feather, Tree, brown, White
  • Reference photo provided by Richard Lee


C$1,800 HST