#183 – Wisdom

Fine Art Limited Edition Prints By Jeff Dillon

The ancient Greeks thought that owls had an inner light that helped them to see in the dark and made them seem thoughtful and wise. It might also be their intensive stare, and their contemplation while sitting so still and quiet in the branches awaiting their next meal, because an owl has to turn it’s head in the direction of interest it gives the impression of intense concentration.

In this painting the artist has captured the direct gaze and focus with the golden eyes and earth toned feathers, colours that draw the viewer into a more intimate relationship with the art by focusing on the birds gaze. Are we being watched or the one watching? The depth of the background hints at the owl’s favourite time of day—the depth of night. The dynamic brush strokes of the plumage are a signature style of this artists vibrant work.

Original Size: 20″ x 16″

  • Limited Edition Prints are limited to an edition of 100. The accompanying Certificate of Authenticity is also hand-signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Original completed August 2020
  • Search words: Owl, Brown, Orange, Eyes, Yellow, Bird
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