#63 – Family Vacation

Original Work By Jeff Dillon

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A winter wonderland is depicted on the canvas, with a blanket of snow covering everything as far as the eye can see. The sky is a serene blue and the sun is rising in the distance, illuminating the landscape with a cool, bright light. The trees are heavily laden with snow, their branches bent low under the weight, and the snow sparkles in the sunlight creating a magical atmosphere. The air is crisp and cold, and the peaceful silence is only interrupted by the soft sound of snowfall. This is a place of serenity and escape, where one can leave behind the busyness of daily life and simply bask in the beauty of winter.

Original Size: 30” x 20″

Jeff Dillon the Canadian Artist, inspired by the bold colours and brush strokes of Post-Impressionist Artists. His unique style focuses on capturing light, not through the detail of realism, but with gesture, illusion, shape and colour. He offers a personal and distinctive style to the world through his bold use of colours and lines, often symbolic images or subject matter. Objects in the paintings retain their realistic appearance yet have a vibrancy and fluidity about them, unique to his work. Jeff Dillon’s new expression of Post-Impressionism is both beloved and revered in the Canadian and Global Contemporary Art World.

  • Original completed June 2014
  • Free shipping for original paintings shipped within Canada.
  • Search words: Landscape, Forests, Trees, Winter, Snow, Rural, Oranges, Blues, Teals


C$2,900 HST

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