Art as a Force for Change: My Journey with #262 “Where Sky Meets the Earth” for the UNHCR Refugee Fund

By Jeff Dillon | December 29, 2023 | All Posts

As I reflect on my latest endeavour, I recognize its meaningful impact. As an artist, I’m continually exploring how creativity can contribute to support. This isn’t my first initiative; previously, I’ve been involved in various projects supporting different causes. Recently, on November 29, 2023, my painting “#262 – Where Sky Meets the Earth” helped raise $7,000 for the UNHCR Refugee Fund. This effort, supported by David and Valerie W., art collectors, fellow artists and art lovers, highlights our collective ability to make a positive difference.

UNHCR Canada In Toronto Canada

The inspiration for “#262 – Where Sky Meets the Earth” emerged from a collaboration with UNHCR Canada and a desire to address global issues with support through art. With a reflection of ongoing global challenges, this painting represents resilience and hope amidst general adversity. It was an outcome of collaborative efforts, demonstrating what can be achieved when a community comes together for a cause.

Choosing to support the UNHCR stemmed from their notable global impact and effective response to crises. Their work, providing hope for refugees, aligns with my belief that art can be a catalyst for positive change.

Link directly to auction page and details for painting #262 – Where Sky Meets the Earth by Jeff Dillon

As an artist, I strive to use my work to encourage social change, hoping to impact not only through my art but also by inspiring action in others. This campaign is part of an ongoing journey in using art for advocacy. While it’s a step forward, there’s more work to be done. I invite fellow artists and supporters to join in this endeavour. Together, let’s use our creativity for the greater good.

For more information about the UNHCR and how to contribute, please visit UNHCR Canada.

Thank you to everyone who had participated in this initiative.


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