Intimate Brushstrokes: Portraying the Soul of Animals in Art

By Jeff Dillon | November 22, 2023 | All Posts

My passion for painting is deeply rooted in portraying animals and birds in a manner that feels intimate and personal. Each time I pick up my brush, I am driven by the desire to bring these creatures and they habitats to life on canvas, capturing them in close-up views where they seem to be peering straight into the viewer’s soul. This intimate portrayal is more than an artistic choice; it’s my way of forging a silent, yet profound communication between the subject and the observer.

#258 – Wise Woodland Queen by Jeff Dillon

The emotions that animals express are raw and unfiltered, something that never ceases to inspire me. Their innate beauty is another aspect that draws me in. In my paintings, I strive to encapsulate not just the physical beauty of these creatures, but also the emotions they evoke. Each time I create a painting it is unique in its essence of the animal I am trying to portraying.

As my artistic journey continues, I find myself constantly striving to portray more personality into each piece. I pay close attention to the myriad features that make each animal unique. Their adaptability to their environment, the way their physical characteristics harmonize with their surroundings, all these details are crucial elements in my artwork.

#260 – The Elusive Bear by Jeff Dillon

We, as humans, often project personalities onto animals, sometimes based on stereotypes. Owls are deemed wise, lions and tigers brave, and so on. I want my paintings to reveal that every animal, regardless of our preconceived notions, possesses a unique personality of its own.

#259 – The Night Owl by Jeff Dillon

The connection between humans and animals is ancient. Animals have an uncanny ability to sense our emotions, providing solace and companionship when we need it most. It’s this unspoken understanding that makes many people view animals as reflections of their own personalities. For some, animals embody their wilder, untamed side and a deep connection with the natural world. For others, animals symbolize gentleness and comfort, reminding us of the need for empathy and patience in our fast-paced lives.

In my artistic journey, they are not just subjects of my art; they are silent narrators of stories untold. My fine art paintings are more than just depictions of animals; they are a celebration of the unique qualities that each creature brings to the this life.

#252 – Mountain Bluebird by Jeff Dillon

My ultimate goal is to use my art to remind us of the world around us, to make people see animals in a new light. By showcasing the individuality and beauty of each animal, I hope to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding among those who view my work. In every piece lies my ambition to transform how the world sees and values these magnificent creatures.

As I finish, I want to say that my art journey, filled with patience on canvas, is all about exploring our strong link with animals. Every painting helps me, and hopefully you, to understand and feel the special connection we have with these amazing creatures and nature. I hope my artwork speaks to you, helping you see our animal friends in a new and deeper way. Thanks for being a part of this artistic journey with me.

With lots of enthusiasm and thanks,


#203 – Someone is Listening By Jeff Dillon

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