Waterloo, Ontario

DATE: December 2021

SolidarityArtist Showcase in Arabelle magazine.

ARABELLA is published 8 times a year and has managed circulation of just under 20,000. Social media circulation and analytics extends the reach to well over 100,000 globally. The magazine offers a captivating digital layout that provides a sumptuous, engaging journey. Every issue supports and promotes creative talents and brands that benefit from increased promotion with an arts and culture audience.

These are the featured paintings in the publication:
#204 - Drifting,20x30 inch,Acrylic
#196 - Grounding-30x60 inch,Acrylic
#191 - Inconspicuous Roost 30x40 inch,Acrylic
#187 - Warm Morning Sun in Winter, 30x36 inch,Acrylic
#182 - Winter Spell,30x30 inch,Acrylic
#151 - Stargazer,36x36 inch,Acrylic
#118 - Mountain Harbour,30x60 inch,Acrylic
#117 - Reach,30x60 inch,Acrylic
#110 - Illuminate,30x30 inch,Acrylic
#102 - The Path,24x30 inch,Acrylic
#99 - Queen of the Forest,24x30 inch,Acrylic

Find out more about Jeff and his artwork here.

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