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By Jeff Dillon | February 25, 2020 | All Posts

When i’m working on a new painting, I turn my phone onto airplane mode or leave it in another room completely — the social world can wait. I’m surprised how much I get done without the distractions. I also make sure to set small goals for each painting session. That way, even if I don’t finish the painting, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. And if I do finish, it’s a great bonus!

Jeff Dillon’s setup before painting for the day

I’ve always been drawn to art. As a child, I would spend hours drawing and painting, lost in my own little world. I never thought of it as anything more than a hobby – something to occupy my time and keep me out of trouble. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized just how much art had become a part of my life.

I started to take my art more seriously when I was in my 30’s. I realized that there was a lot of discipline involved in being a full-time artist. I had to be organized and disciplined with my time, or else I would never get anything done. I also had to be willing to put in the hard work required to improve my skills. There were no shortcuts to becoming a better artist – it was all about practice and perseverance. I finally settled on becoming a full-time artist in my forties. It was a risky move, but it paid off in the end. These days, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

I set a goal to finish 100 paintings in 5 years, and I was successful. This required a lot of discipline, as I had to manage my time well between family life and my career, I worked hard to improve my art skills. There were no shortcuts – only dedication and practice led to my success.

As of this post, I have now been dedicated to painting everyday for 12 years and my portfolio is growing. I’m so excited to see what the next decade will bring!

Thank you for following my work and supporting me through this journey as an artist!

186 – Red House In Winter, Original Work By Jeff Dillon, Size: 36″ x 30″

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