160 Sunflowers p

#160 – Sunflowers …Lee B

Jeff, I think that I chose the Sunflowers painting because I just connected with it right away when I first saw it. I love your painting style and you have so many others that I would be proud to display on my walls.  Blessings, Lee B.

91 Sun Touched Paris p

#91 – Sun Touched Paris …Todd H

My wife and I became infatuated by Paris upon our first visit. The history, majestic art galleries, romantic cafe’s and world renown architecture worked its magic.  Every time we gaze upon Jeff’s painting “Sun Touched Paris”, we are transported back in time to that magnificent city. Todd H.

126 Wilderness Calls p

#126 – Wildness Calls …Alysoun W

“Wildness Calls” (Raven) is my second painting by Jeff. I had been so taken by Jeff’s style and his ability to capture moments and moods that I decide to contact him to discuss a commission piece. Ravens are an incredibly important icon to me personally, and I asked him about doing one for me. Jeff hadn’t done one before and …

178 Diamond Pine p

#178 – Diamond Pine …Don and Georgina

Your piece was a retirement gift for my wife. We both love the Group of Seven, plus Emily Carr,  and how their works create a spiritual reverence regarding nature. Your work is ‘Group of Seven “esque” ‘ in that it creates the same rhythms, movements and feelings, but has created its own unique style.  You don’t duplicate their style, you’ve …

120 Camouflage p

The Time for Art Is Now, By Claire Messud, March 22, 2018

In these relentlessly dark and riven times, I find myself beset by a near ravenous hunger for beauty. My spirit lurches at a line of Shakespeare or Louise Glück—“All fear gives way: the light / Looks after you … ” My eyes linger on the photographs of Nadav Kander, the paintings of Marlene Dumas, the sculptures of Sarah Sze. I …

62 WindingRivers Edge p

#62 Winding River’s Edge …Alysoun, Alberta

I was fortunate to acquire a beautiful work of art by Jeff…..”Winding River’s Edge”. I have been following Jeff’s art for a while, but when I saw that painting on Facebook, it “spoke” to me. I wasn’t disappointed when I received it! It was like bringing a window of fall air into my home. Each time I walk by it …